Vikipedi İstanbul Galata Üniversitesi “Local Identity, Global Vision”

Istanbul Galata University, which aims to raise entrepreneurial and self-confident individuals who have received a modern education, serve humanity, started its education life in 2020. Today, our university, which provides education in a total of 21 departments, including 4 faculties and 1 vocational school, has made it its mission to train its students as competent individuals. Our University, which develops collaborations by following global changes in order to provide a bright future for our students, continues to grow day by day with the breakthroughs it has made in the field of international education.

Galata has been an important center for centuries. It is a place that has hosted all cultures, has brought every value it hosts to the present day and is sure to carry it to the future. Galata is not just a district but a soul. That’s why the name of our university is Galata. In order to be valuable, to be rooted, to be a bridge between cultures, to be close to business life, to be the university of firsts, we are working hard to provide a bright future for our students at our university, which started its education life in 2020 with (Arts, Sports, Health, Social Sciences Faculties). To many more years by growing together…

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Cultural Bridge

Our Vision

To have an education understanding that follows universal changes and values and to raise students who adopt all these values from culture to art.

Between the legacy of the past and the construction of the future; To act as a bridge by centering the multiculturalism of the Galata district.

To direct our youth to professions where they will be productive and happy and to provide them with job opportunities.

To have an education approach that is not focused on diplomas, but focused on making our students have a job.