Erasmus+ promotes the participation of people with special needs in the program. People whose physical, mental or health-related conditions are such that their participation in Erasmus+ would not be possible without extra financial support are potential participants.

Additional/Extra Grant Support

Once an individual is found eligible to participate in the programme and receive inclusion support, the approximate additional costs will be determined, and subsequently, the participant can request additional grant support. The participant can request additional grant support during the term of the agreement, however, in any case, the application for such requests must be completed up to 60 days before the agreement’s expiration date. The participant cannot request additional grant support once the mobility period expires. The application form must include a statement explaining why the applicant needs inclusion support, and any relevant documents proving their condition must be attached to the form (For instance, if the applicant requests inclusion support due to their disability, they must attach a medical report -the report must be issued within 3 months before the application- which includes the information about the disability and the level of the disability, or a copy of their disability ID card, and a medical report is also required for people with chronic diseases.). Additionally, the necessary documents -including that the receiving higher education institution is informed that the guest student/staff member is a participant with special needs and the institution’s undertaking that it has the necessary equipment to host the participant with special needs- must be attached to the form. The additional grant amounts and the grounds for such request must be explained in detail in the form as requested. The requested additional grant for inclusion support must be directly related to the purpose of enabling the applicant’s participation in the mobility.

Higher education institutions are responsible for ensuring the application forms are correct and complete, and the necessary arrangements to meet the students’/staff members’ needs must be made by the receiving higher education institution. The National Agency will examine the additional grant application and decide whether to give the applicant an additional grant, and the amount of the additional grant. The final additional grant will be given to the participants eligible to receive inclusion support based on real costs. At the end of the mobility period, the receipts of the relevant expenses related to the additional grant must be obtained and kept in the participant’s file for future reference. Undocumented expenses will not be deemed valid, even if they are charged against the students’ amount of grant specified in the agreement.

You must submit your Erasmus+ inclusion support additional grant request to the Erasmus+ Office Coordinator during the Erasmus+ Exchange Program application.